Beginner Epoxy Resin Craft Box


Inside this thoughtfully curated box, you’ll find:

  1. 100ml of Epoxy Resin: Our high-quality epoxy resin provides a crystal-clear, glossy finish to your creations. With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll quickly master the art of resin pouring.
  2. Coaster Mould: Create exquisite coasters that will impress your guests. The coaster mould is sturdy and durable, ensuring flawless results every time. Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with different  and embellishments.
  3. Hairclip Mould: Add a touch of style to your hair accessories collection with our hairclip mould. Craft personalized hairclips that reflect your unique personality and sense of fashion.
  4. Cat Paw Mould: Cat lovers rejoice! This adorable cat paw mould allows you to create delightful charms and pendants. Decorate your jewelry, keychains, or even create a special gift for a fellow feline enthusiast.
  5. Set of Keyrings: Customize your own keyrings using our versatile keyring set. Whether you want to create personalized gifts or showcase your own designs, this set provides the perfect platform for your creativity.
  6. Dried Roses: Elevate your resin crafts with a touch of nature’s beauty. Our craft box includes a selection of dried roses, allowing you to incorporate natural elements into your designs. These delicate blossoms add a romantic and timeless touch to your creations.
  7. Metal Hair Clips: Enhance your hair accessory collection with our premium metal hair clips. These high-quality clips are perfect for embedding in resin and adding a touch of elegance to your designs.
  8. Pen Mould: Unleash your artistic skills by crafting your very own resin pens. The pen mould provides a unique and practical way to showcase your creativity. Use different colors and patterns to create one-of-a-kind writing instruments.
  9. A set of Iridescent glitter flakes: Add a captivating sparkle to your creations.
  10. Gold leaf Flakes: offer a touch of elegance and sophistication, perfect for adding a gilded touch to your crafts

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Introducing our Beginner’s Epoxy Resin Craft Box, the perfect kit to unleash your creativity and dive into the world of resin art! Designed specifically for beginners, this comprehensive set contains everything you need to create stunning epoxy resin crafts with ease.

Inside this carefully curated craft box, you’ll find a generous 100ml of high-quality epoxy resin, ensuring you have ample supply to bring your artistic visions to life. Our epoxy resin is meticulously formulated for beginner-friendly usage, providing a crystal-clear finish and excellent UV resistance for long-lasting beauty.

To help you get started on your resin crafting journey, we’ve included a variety of molds that will spark your imagination. The coaster mold allows you to craft stylish and functional coasters that will impress your guests with their unique designs. The hairclip mold lets you create personalized accessories to elevate your style. The adorable cat paw mold adds a touch of whimsy to any project, perfect for pet lovers. And with the pen mold, you can make customized resin pens that are as beautiful as they are practical.

In addition to molds and embellishments, we’ve included a set of iridescent glitter flakes that will add a magical sparkle to your designs. These mesmerizing flakes create captivating visual effects, making your resin pieces truly enchanting. And for a touch of opulence, we’ve included gold leaf flakes, allowing you to create dazzling accents and highlights that exude luxury and sophistication.

But that’s not all! We’ve also included a set of keyrings, enabling you to craft personalized and eye-catching accessories for yourself or your loved ones. And to add a touch of elegance, we’ve included a selection of dried roses that can be embedded within your resin creations, adding a natural and timeless beauty to your designs. Additionally, the metal hair clips included in the box provide the perfect finishing touch to your hair accessories, ensuring you can create a complete set of resin-crafted items.

With our Beginner’s Epoxy Resin Craft Box, you’ll be able to explore your artistic side and create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your unique style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, this kit offers endless possibilities and is the ideal gift for anyone interested in resin art. Unleash your creativity today and let the magic of epoxy resin transform your crafts into masterpieces!



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