CAT PAW Multi Mould with 3 lights


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CAT PAW Multi Mould

You can make a keychain, mini lamp, mini storage box and a shaker using this mould.

  • Our silicone moulds are made of durable and flexible silicone and have a smooth surface. Your finished products will come out very shiny.
  • Easy to De-mould & Clean. You just need to gently pull the mould and release your creations after the resin has completely cured. Wash resin moulds with warm soapy water after use and keep them away from heat and dust.
  • Our silicone resin moulds are compatible with most resins or other casting materials such as epoxy resin, polyester resins, polymer clay etc. 
  • You can add some resin pigment, resin dye and embed different kinds of embellishments or fillers to create your resin art projects.

You will receive one mold


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